What do 100.000 customers think about Aliexpress | Review

What do 100.000 customers think about Aliexpress | Review

We Analyzed 100.000 Aliexpress reviews.
Here’s what clients think about Aliexpress

Recently, we have analyzed over 100.000 Aliexpress client reviews in order to find out what Aliexpress clients really think about this Chinese giant webshop. We were curious what biggest benefits experience Aliexpress clients and what problems do they face.

100.000 Aliexpress Review Results.
Aliexpress Client Reviews Study

We have checked the most popular Review websites where customers shared their personal shopping experience at Aliexpress in different languages.

Here is a Summary of Our Key Findings:

  1. Even 83 % of all clients rate Aliexpress 5 out of 5 stars
  2. The 5 main reasons how Aliexpress webshop made their clients happy are:
    • the good product quality which met clients’ expectations
    • good Aliexpress & Sellers client service
    • fast shipping
    • attractive price
    • given warranties and returning money back.
  3. 10 % of all Aliexpress clients most often complain about poor client service, slow shipping and poor quality of goods
  4. A lot of customers appreciates Aliexpress low prices and a large assortment
  5. 90 % of Aliexpress packages sent with Aliexpress standard shipping arrives within promised time.

83 % of customers rate Aliexpress very highly

On a 5-point scale over 100.000 clients on average rate Aliexpress 4,5 stars.
Interestingly, however, 83 % of all Aliexpress clients rate them 5/5 stars and only 10 % of all shoppers give them 1 or 2 stars.

Aliexpress client rating

Moreover, one out of ten Aliexpress clients without a prior request considers Aliexpress so reliable that he personally recommends this webshop to other people.

64 % of all satisfied Aliexpress customers are happy with Aliexpress products

We have analysed Aliexpress client reviews and found out the main factors which triggers the clients the most to think positively about Aliexpress.
We have discovered that even 64 % of all satisfied Aliexpress clients rated them high because the purchased product met their expectations.

Why customers rate Aliexpress high
20 % of these customers were extremely satisfied with the high quality of the product. Others were mentioning that the product looked as in the photo, matched the description or had a good size.
Besides that, 5 % of the loyal Aliexpress shoppers were particularly pleased to find reliable Sellers who never disappoint them.

25 % Aliexpress customers in their reviews stresses good Sellers’and Aliexpress customer service

Most of the clients get in contact with Sellers‘ or Aliexpress customer service only when certain problems arise. In such situations naturally clients expect a quick response and a timely solution to their problem.
We have discovered, that 25 % of Aliexpress clients mention in their reviews their positive experience with Sellers’ or Aliexpress customer service during dispute.
Interestingly, even though people had problems with their products or long delivery terms, after having a warm communication with Seller’s of Aliexpress client service they were rating Aliexpress webshop very high.

10 % of Aliexpress customers rate them low because of poor client service, slow shipping and bad quality products

Though just 10 % of Aliexpress clients rate them low (give 1 or 2 stars on the reviews), we have made the list of main reasons which disappoints them.

Why 10% of customers rates Aliexpress low

In fact, the main reasons of low Aliexpress rating are pretty human and quite common and for the most other Chinese webshops.
However, to our big surprise, at the first place most of Aliexpress clients rate this webshop low, not because of poor product quality but because of poor Sellers & Aliexpress client service which seems is not able to solve their problems.
In the second place, Aliexpress customers complain about long shipping terms and only in the third place they mention poor quality or defective goods.

Customers appreciate Aliexpress good prices and big assortment

Despite of some pluses and minuses of Aliexpress webshop, around 30 % of customers in their reviews emphasizes that they really enjoy the low prices and the large assortment of Aliexpress.

90 % of all Aliexpress standard shipping packages arrives on time

The Aliexpress website offers to users a big variety of shipping methods. A lot of Aliexpress clients are explicitly happy about free shipping service which is offered by Aliexpress Standard Shipping.
However, a lot of clients wonder whether their package will be delivered on time and will not get lost.
For this reason, we have analyzed the delivery data for this particular shipping method.

Aliexpress Standard shipping delivery timing

In practice, with Aliexpress Standard Shipping, only 10 % of all shipments has delay, i.e. does not reach the customer within the term specified on the Aliexpress website. Meanwhile, 3.8 % of all parcels have still not arrived after 90 days, which in practice means that the parcel is lost during the shipment.

Rating of Aliexpress Standard Shipping

In general, Aliexpress clients are pretty happy with delivery terms. We have discovered that more than 40.000 of Aliexpress customers rated Aliexpress Standard Shipping with a score of 3.9 out of 5 points. Moreover, 68 % of Aliexpress customers were very satisfied with the shipping time and gave them 5 stars.


Despite the fact that Aliexpress has some space where they could improve themselves a relatively high shop rating shows that a lot of consumers find Aliexpress reliable and have positive experience.
Obviously, so far Aliexpress platform has to offer the biggest assortment and the lowest price.


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